so...I've been a smoker for the last 7 years. cut down to a max of 5 cigs a day and feeling better already. But I really want to quit. Did it once before (for a guy...)went cold turkey but I fell back only a few months later. This time I wanna quit for ME. I'm really hoping that my hair will get fuller and grow more.
To the OP: It looks like you already have a plan - get on a healthier diet, exercise and such. I'm doing the same thing! I can also relate to feeling low, I'm struggling to get out of this dark place I'm in right now....
My tip would be try to surround yourself with positive people who support you. Having someone around who listens, gives good hugs and doesn't judge makes it easier.
As for me, I'm currently missing exactly that. My supportive friends are scattered all over Europe and it's been tough.
But I'm a fighter and you can be one too!
Karma sure is a moody byatch sometimes, but she'll come around!