Question when someone Poos they modified, or is Low Poo not really a Poo at all? So what would RushGirl be Modified CG or Full CG & Kinder Cones? Am I confused or what?
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I don't understand this either. There are things with the CG routine that I can't make sense of in my head.
In one way I would thing that Low-Poo is “full” CG when it is a Devachan product, but that would make all the SLS free shampoos Full CG right? So maybe we are all “full” CG as long as we go SLS free and avoid the hard to remove ‘cones.
In another way all of this doesn't matter, but I am one of them people that would like things to be "perfect" so I can be at peace with it, if that makes sense at all. It's like I want it to be logical and some what easy. CG is pretty complicated for me right now with all of the ingredients out there that it seems like LM didn't think of when she wrote the book, also the fact that she seems to have different approach now doesn't make it less clear to me.
Well, this got longer than I planned.