I recently brought the CJ repair me and daily fix conditioners.

This past Sunday night, after I shampoo'd my hair with baby shampoo, with dripping wet hair I slather on a generous amount of CJ repair me, put on a cap, and turned on the blow dryer to rotate the heat around my hair. I kept the treatment in for the maximum 10 minutes, then I rinse it out in the shower. OMG, it felt sooo soft, but then when it became dry... I don't know. It felt a bit softer, but I don't think anything has changed. My hair is still frizzy, undefined, and flyaway.

The next day, I wash my hair with the CJ daily fix conditioner, and rinsed. I put a little bit in as a leave-in, got out, dried my hair out with Curls Like Us towels, and put in my L.A. Sports gel.

While my hair looked alright (and pretty shiny), I just wasn't 100% happy. I thought my curls was supposed to "pop" after CJRM. Have I wasted my money for nothing?

What should I do?
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