I got the maintenance error too.
So, I don't know if this harmony group is for me. The director showed up really late, and then kept us late as well. Bad impression.

Also, I don't get to sing what I want for my tryout. And, the deaf older lady (there's always a deaf older lady wherever I sing, I swear, which is probably a sign) started in about Chardon, and I don't effin' want to talk about it, ever. (Clue: someone walks quickly away after you raise a subject? Do not pursue her.)

I don't know. Maybe this is all an excuse. It's hard. I'm right in between lead and baritone. I've got to learn my key, once and for all.

Finally: DOGS! Settle down and quit bugging me!
News trucks outside the funeral home. The mind boggles.
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Sorry about the news trucks. They were still talking about it all last time I saw the news.

Are you talking about barbershop music?
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