It could be that your hair needs more moisture. The Repair Me is a moisturizing PT, but you may need to use at least a moisturizing rinse out (if not a DT) after using it.

You need to remember that the CJ Daily Fix contains Cocamidopropyl Betaine. Coco b is a mild sulfactant, so while some don't use a rinse out with it--many people do.
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Thank you! Well, something GOOD happened to me this morning when I woke up... Usually my hair won't even "hold" anything I put in it, even the ever powerful L.A. sports.... but I woke up and my hair STILL looks fine! :O That never happened! I read that if your hair is deficient in proteins, that your hair downright refuses to hold a style or products. Now my style never left! I have somewhat second day hair now! :'D

About the daily fix, omg I'm so stupid lol! I'll keep this in mind and try something else to use as a rinse out/leave-in. Thank you.

I guess I didn't waste my money at all!

i agree with what km said. i can add that daily fix should not be used as a leave in.
curl junkie has many great conditioners that all can be used as leave ins. most curlies do leave some conditioner in, especially in low dew points. i also use lalsg and find it can be drying. so, i would definitely add some conditioner as a leave in.
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Thank you so much for this, rbb, I will def keep this in mind.

BONUS QUESTION: When can I do another round of CJRM? Because I just realized that I put it in, in dripping wet hair, and I just learned that you're supposed to squeeze all the water out first before putting it in, since water will dilute it.
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