What about if someone asks you a direct question that you know they will disagree with the answer to?

For example, the MIL asked me the other day if I will be using cloth or disposable diapers. I plan to try cloth and I know she disagrees with it, which she expressed when I answered. I just feel like she keeps setting me up to be put down by her. Maybe I'm just being super sensitive, but I feel like she should shut the he*l up.
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How did she respond when you told her you plan to use cloth?

Do you think your MIL is trying to pick a fight/antagonize you? Or is she just making conversation?

I can't imagine a woman so much older than you who is likely long past childbearing would be trying to pick fights with you over this stuff. But I'm sure it's possible.

Without knowing the entire story...if I told her I wanted to use cloth diapers and she said, "OMG, that's crazy! Why would you do such a crazy thing?"

I'd probably say, "I know -- what am I getting myself into??" And I would chuckle and change the subject.

I can't see her criticisms of your position on this issue becoming too serious. It's not like you are telling her you plan to smoke crack or something. LOL
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It was kind of an eye roll and a "tsktsk" I-should-have-known-disapproving noise. I just feel like my decisions are constantly up for debate with her, and really, they just aren't. If she wants to offer advice, fine, but it really bothers me that she asks me things with full knowledge that she isn't going to like my answer.