I comb through every product I do. Like if I do LI, I comb it through, then my styler - I comb it through, and so on. Then I do one final scrunch after my spray gel. I don't seem to lose many clumps with all the combing. I picked up using a fine tooth comb from the SS method and that does help keep my clumpies going, but I find the full on SS method doesn't help the wet frizz. I have those spider hairs when it is literally dripping, soaking wet, and all SS does is rinse out the products I just put in. Those stray hairs will NOT lay with their neighboring curls for anything

ETA - those wet frizz pics were taken after I'd added in all my products and done my combing/scrunching routine. But that's what it looks like "naked" wet too... actually looks a bit worse.
fine, thin, normal/(low?) porosity. Mod-CG. Usually I can't co-wash more than 1x a week, & sometimes I have to use T-Gel in rotation due to scalp issues.

Co-wash: VO5 Volumizing
Poo: Giovanni 50:50
RO:TN, Nexxus Youth Renewal, Alba Coconut
PT: gelatin PT, ION EC
Stylers: Giovanni mousse, TIGI Curls Rock amplifier (a-cone), Curls Rock Strong Hold Mousse
Gels: SCC spray gel