I think I'm FULL CG..the only cones that I suppose I use is what's in OneCondition.. and I'm getting some Low Poo.. I avoid silicones as much as possible.. so I'd pick the Full CG & kinder silicones..
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Question when someone Poos they modified, or is Low Poo not really a Poo at all? So what would RushGirl be Modified CG or Full CG & Kinder Cones? Am I confused or what?

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Good question..lol Well, I don't have my Low Poo yet..so I'm still Full CG..lol I would think that "maybe" since LP is Devachan it's still Full CG.. is it a shampoo or a "cleanser" kwim? I wasn't thinking it was a shampoo really.. but maybe i'm wrong..?? Anyone have a clue? Right now I use no shampoo...
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