Sunday's episode is one of the best of the second season. Carl such a disturbed little lad but growing up in the zombie apocalypse I don't exactly see him being content with playing catch. I'll miss Dale (Daryl, Glenn and Dale are pretty much the only characters whose welfare I get antsy about) but I guess his death was to show the audience that as long as you're not Rick you can die at any time and the deaths will be random. Although, I can't help but wonder why Dale thought he should be wandering around alone at night. As long as Daryl and Glenn remain unscathed I'll be content though.
High porosity. 3C.
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Leave in: Alba Botanica Leave In. Tresemme Naturals. Cantu.
Seal: Whipped Shea Butter Mix.
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Hair loves: Finger combing. Protein.
Hair hates: Plopping.