A man in Dat Do District in the southern province of Ba Ria – Vung Tau(Vietnam) has filed a lawsuit against his biological father, seeking 1 chicken and 18 eggs in compensation.

The district’s court, who is handling the suit, says the man, aka P.T.Q., accused his father of destroying 18 eggs, beating a c*ck, and breaking a leg of a hen that later cannot reproduce.

His father T. admitted to breaking four eggs in a moment of anger over his son’s inappropriate behavior.
He consequently had offered to give his son two chickens and some eggs for compensation but the son didn’t agree, demanding him to pay back enough eggs that are going to hatch.

Ta Minh Tri, chief police officer of Long Tan Commune, told Tuoi Tre on Monday: “We feel ashamed having to hand over the case to the court but we had no other choice because every citizen has a right to file a lawsuit.”

According to T., his son is unmarried and lives with him. Before the suit, Q. lost some eggs and accused his sister of stealing them. Angry, he smashed several of his son’s eggs. T. said he was really upset at his son’s attitude.

Pham Quoc Dang, chief judge of Dat Do District’s court, says the court is trying to reconcile the plaintiff and the defendant because the lawsuit is worth little and runs counter to Vietnamese traditional family values. However, if the plaintiff still persists in pursuing the case, the court will handle suit in accordance with existing laws.

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