Not sure the dripping wet hair would be an issue. I do at least one PT a week and use a lot of products with protein. When I do a second PT, I usually use one that isn't as strong--Elucence Extended Moisture Repair Treatment, Mozeke Carrot Protein Mask, Shescentit Okra Hair Repair. I also use the Mozeke, Shescentit or CJ Curl Fix as a leave in (also use protein sprays.)

Unless your hair is really damaged, I wouldn't do the CJ Protein Repair more then once a week. I only use jelly products, no gels with chemicals (like polyquats that build up on me.) When I do a PT, I spray my hair with water and then use the treatment, cover with a plastic shower cap and go about my business. Sometimes, I'll sit under my hard bonnet dryer for 10 minutes.
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I don't think my hair is damaged as it is super dry due to the harsh winter weather I've experienced since, oh, October of 2011.

I wasn't taking care of my hair as properly as I should have, so it just became super dry and misbehaving.

I just did a DT with the GVP's version of Biolage Conditioning Balm. I put it on, put on my shower cap, and slept in it last night. I rinsed it out this morning, and although it's still frizzy and flyaway... it feels pretty darn soft right now. I'm thinking of using this frequently until I feel my hair has had enough of intense moisture.

So, I guess I can use CJRM this upcoming Sunday, then? Because I did the first CJRM the past Sunday night, so it would be 7 days later till I do the second one. Or is that already too much?

also, i am assuming you used the baby shampoo as a one-time clarifying shampoo. some brands of baby shampoo are very harsh to your hair, they just won't burn your eyes. i know johnson & johnson baby wash/shampoo has 3 different sulfates in it!!!!
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Yeah, it was only as a "loo-poo" method and that was it.
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