I use a lot of rich products, so haven't had to DT in years. Lots of folks like the Biolage. For me, the conditioning balm wasn't moisturizing enough to use as a rinse out, so I'm not sure that it's enough moisture for you to be using as a DT, especially if your hair is really dry.

Mid Atlantic states have had a fairly mild winter, so really low dewpoints haven't been an issue around here this year. If you're having a really hard winter and your hair is really dry, you need to be careful with the PTs. Great hair is all about getting the moisture/protein balance right. If your hair is really dry, you need to work on that. Repair Me is probably one of the best, moisturizing PTs you can use--but unless you get your hair moisturized properly, no PT is going to do wonders for you.
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I'm about to cowash my hair with CJDF and then use the conditioning balm as a rinse out and then use some as a leave-in, then style it. We'll see if it works...

I just don't know any products that is very moisturizing at the moment. And I can't expect miracles the first time I use my new products because, I spent months being a jerk to my hair so now it's (rightfully) being a jerk right back.

EDIT: And just to make this thread more interesting, I'll be posting pictures of my hair and we'll see if I need to tweek anything into my routine. I'm a dummie with all of this, so forgive me! :P
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