I think my hair needs protein, but I'm not sure how much. It also needs lots of moisture. I have done one homemade PT (it was interesting) and I noticed a HUGE difference in the texture and feeling of my hair (especially my underneath layers). And that's really about it. I have no clue how much protein my hair actually needs vs. how much moisture it needs. I know I need a pretty good amount of moisture. though.

My question(s): What type of proteins are best to look for in products?

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How often should you use a PT and products with protein?

How can you tell if you get too much protein?
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I read that hydrolized proteins are the best to look for, as they actually bind to the hair shaft. Nature's Gate conditioners have hydrolized proteins, and they work very well as a pt...at least for me.

I'd say to do a pt every 6 weeks or so. You'll know that you've had too much protein when, even after doing a moisturizing treatment, your hair feels brittle and straw-like.
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