Organix Moroccan Curl Perfection Definging Cream
Organix Coconit Milk Weightless Mousse

So I'm a pretty new CG and I've been experimenting with products. I bought several cheaper drugstore brands (as well as some higher quality products). I've only used these once and I used them together and this is what happened. If anyone has any imput/ experience with these products I'd love to hear it.

Here's what I did.

A few nights ago, I CO washed, ROed, and LIed. Before I micro-toweled it, I applied organix moroccon(sp?) curl perfection defining cream and the organix coconut weightless mousse. They actually worked pretty well together. I slept on it (after my hair was dry of course), and the next morning my hair was still pretty soft and moisturized. No crazy frizzyness or anything. I then applied JC revitalizinf leave-in conditioning spray and maybe some devacurl mist-er right. My hair seemed fine. I started noticing that in the middle of the day it started to feel very dry. I even picked a strand and ran my fingers up and down it. It had a nice "squeak". If I remember correctly from another thread, the "squeak" means you need more moisture. And I really did need some.

From what I can tell the only thing questionably about these products is that the mousse has protein and Cocamidopropyl Betaine. Could this have made my hair become dryer as the day went on?
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