I love oiling my hair and then washing with a stronger shampoo! It seems counter-intuitive (I always wondered why it wouldn't work the same if you just used a very mild low poo and didn't add any oil), but there's something about the combo that makes my hair super soft and happy, but clean, light, and refreshed.

BTW, I don't think I could ever get decent hair just "plopping" it on top of my pillow, like you described! I will forever be envious of those who can go to bed with wet hair and wake up with great curls.
Type 2c/3a with lots of hair and a super sensitive scalp! Med/slightly coarse texture, low porosity and elasticity.

Low poo: Organix TTM, Essential Wholesale Free & Clean
Stylers: EcoStylers, GF Curl Shaping Gel, Aussie Aussome Volume Mousse & Instant Freeze Gel, GFPC, LALNC, La Bella Lots of Curls, Apricot Oil, KMFUM, AO B5DG
Extras: sugar scrubs, AVG washes, pre-poos with EVCO, oiling scalp before washes, plopping, gelatin PT.
Mod-CG since 12/1/10!