I can't believe there's a thread on my favorite show, I'm so happy!!!!!!!
Ok so I LOVE Glenn, Daryl and Rick(even though he gets on my nerve and most of the time causes more harm than good)
Neutral on Carol, Dale and T-Dog(wish he had more lines this season, he's probably gonna die soon too)
I ABSOLUTELY HATE - Andrea, Carl, Shane and Lori.
I think Shane will be the next to die, killed by Rick and I also think it's time for them to leave the farm.
How can these people be playing house in a zombie apocalypse and Lori's *ss getting pregnant.
Carl needs a good whipping and a mother's guidance, Andrea just needs to go sit down somewhere and stop acting like she's some soldier. I was sad Dale died but he also got on my nerve, in an apocalypse all rules/laws are out the window and that zombie showed him just that. Shane needs to get a grip, I don't know why he cut his hair after Otis yanked out a patch, now he just looks dumb. I feel if Lori wasn't in the picture Shane and Rick would make Awesome leaders together. Rick is too sensitive for that crazy world and Shane is hardcore so they would balance each other out. Lori just had to go mess with her husbands best friend..SMH.
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