Even though I'm not that big of a nail polish wearer, lately I've been on an opaque, creamy polish kick...without actually buying any polishes. Just waiting to find ones that call out, so I can build up a small arsenal.

The other night I almost placed an order for 'Dress Me Up' from the Hunger Games collection while doing an Amazon.com order for my mom.

Today I came across Wet 'n' Wild's 'Undercover' for $1.99.

fetched off the net:

The formula is really smooth, and the wide brush makes application easy. MUA reviewers are saying it wears well. I'm really happy with it.
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I haven't tried the new Wet N Wild Megalast formula that came out about a year ago (larger bottle, big brush). It is supposed to be similar, but better then the old formula. The old formula wears like iron for me. I did a newspaper manicure with WnW Megalast that I really liked so I just left it on. After 13ish days there were just minor chips. I could have worn it longer, but the grown out area at the bottom was driving me nuts. Anyway, this is one of my top 2 favorite polish formulas (other is Zoya). Hope it works as well for you.
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