Pink moisturizer for years.

Oh, and natural oils for years.

Not even sure how many.

My "newest" HG in the last month is Eluscence. I'm realizing that for me, conditioners and moisturizers are much more important than styling products, and with enough moisture in the hair, I don't even need products.
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Just curious--what's in the Pink moisurizer? Is it a dominican product?
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It's made in the US by Luster, the same people who make S curl, but it is wildly popular in a lot of the islands. My mom used it in Trinidad and put it in our hair when we were kids. I know it is used in Jamaica, Bahamas, Grenada and Barbados where I have family and in-laws. I've seen it in Cuba, though it's harder to get US products there. I don't know if it's used in DR but I wouldn't be surprised.

I know it has stuff in it CG'ers would not like, such as lanolin and mineral oil, but they are low on the ingredient list. Sorry, I don't have it in front of me now - if I remember I'll look at home. It is called Pink because it is pink. It smells amazing - like baby lotion, and is very light and super moisturizing. You can use it on wet hair or dry. When my hair looks fried, I smooth some on and instantly have moist looking, bouncy curls. It gives me a lot of shine and I find a lot of products dull my black hair. I like it with S curl because I don't like the feel of gel in my hair generally and the Pink softens it. It also helps you to comb through your hair and makes it feel soft.
Basically, it does everything, and it's dirt cheap and available everywhere. It's the only hair product other than shampoo that my 4b husband uses and I know when he has it on because his hair literally glitters like there are tiny diamonds in it.
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