Hello All,
I'm happy to see that NC finally has a locs board, so I signed up.

I've had locs on and off for about 15 years now. This is set #4. Each set has been progressively smaller. Most of the women in my family also have locs and some are also repeat loc'ers but I think I hold the record for the most sets.

I always start locs with braids. I learned about latching/interlocking about 10 years ago and that's been my preferred maintenance method since then. I like braids and latching because they're affordable and can be washed as often as you want. If you want thinner locks the interlocking method helps to keep them strong over time. I originally wanted sisterlocks, but when I first looked into them there were no sisterlocks consultants in my area and then later on it became a question of price. After I figured out braidlocks they were an acceptable alternative to sisterlocks for me.