I have hair that is on the thick, coarse and porous side. I have been considering trying kccc since I heard some good things about it. Though from what I notice the individuals that like it appear to have fine/low porous hair. Does anyone with similar properties to me have luck with kccc?

I am also considering biosilk rock hard gel because I need a gel with a strong hold, but I am concerned with the protein. If I am not mistaken coarse hair does not tolerate protein well, but porous hair can tolerate protein. So I am confused how I would know how my hair tolerates protein when my hair is both coarse and porous. Is it trial and error?
Hair pattern:Wavy
Texture: mainly coarse hair with some medium strands
Porosity: Normal and High porosity
Re-CGed (modified) April 2011
Cowash: Suave Ocean Breeze
Rinse Out: GF's Triple conditioner
Other products: HEBE and grapeseed oil
Occasional Shampoo: Giovanni tea tree triple treat shampoo