I am a sophomore in college and as of late I have exclusively been straightening my hair. BUT I think my curly hair has a lot of potential I just have no idea what to do with it. I think it's 3b/3c-ish. When I get out of the shower I think it looks great! It's not poofy/frizzy/dry. Fast forward 30 minutes and my hair looks like straw. And I can't even dream about getting anything salvageable to wear a second day hahaha. My usual routine is washing my hair every 3 days or so with a cheap conditioner and a moisturizing conditioner. Then I use this shea leave in conditioner. On off days I spritz my hair with water & use pantene relaxed and natural hair cream. I do all of this just to put my hair in a bun with a head band I'm getting tired of the one trick ponytail thing I have going.

So please if you have any suggestions for me I would REALLY appreciate some tips. I've attached some pictures so you can see for yourselves.

One of the pictures is of India Benet who has hair very similar to mine. But she's also able to make it look like this: india benet hair india-benet1 ? thirstyroots.com: Black Hairstyles and Hair Care which I would DIE to have.


The third picture is kind of misleading because that's about 15 minutes post-wash/condition. Fourth pic shows how poofy my hair is in the back, I think the back is a different curly type. I never wear it down because of this poofy-ness.
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