I am new to transitioning and to the site. I was really wanting to BC because I want to just see my curly hair, but my man doesn't want me to just chop it off. My family also wants me to let it grow out some more. I have always had long hair and was a little reluctant too. So, I have been washing my hair once a week with UltraSheen Sufate free Hydrating shampoo, which really leaves my hair soft and manageable. I also use Pantene Pro-V for Relaxed and Natural as a co-washer and regular conditioner. Then I apply Silk Fusion for 1 -3 minutes to give my hair more moisturizing and softness.
I use Hair Mayo for a deep conditioner or Silk Fusion.
I have been using Ultra Sheen Carson Leave in conditioner.
I used unrefined Shea butter as sealant. I loved the results.
What can I use on my natural hair (at the roots) to keep them soft and moist after my hair has dried?