I used to make my own FSG but got tired of making it. Then I discovered Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic Jelly. I LOVE it. It's my HG of hair gel. I use it every day. It's never made me itch and it seems to like my hair winter and summer.
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What does AO mandarin magic jelly smell like? I don't really like a lot of the really "organicy" smell. Does it actually smell like mandarins?
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It must not smell bad to me because I can't even tell you. The smell dissipates so quickly that I guess I don't even notice it. Frankly it works so well for me that I'd use it regardless of the smell (well unless it smelled like coconut or bathroom freshner )
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I love most things fruity. It sounds interesting. I didn't see this though at my local health food store, they mainly had poos and conditioners, and mainly from nature's gate. I don't really like that strong "organic-y" smell though.
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