Here I'll be posting a ~ Saga of Reviews ~ for Earthscience's Clarifying Face Wash.

I'm switching from Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (hereafter NOA) to Earthscience Clarifying Face Wash (hereafter EFW). I have very oily skin. And since it's winter, my skin is both oily and dry, in the same areas, at the same time. This is a recipe for billions of blackheads, clogged pores, and the occasional whitehead. I hope that the EFW will thoroughly wash my skin without over-drying it, while also reducing oiliness, blackheads, and mild acne. Yes, that's a tall order. But I'm really just looking for some improvement over NOA.

Day 1: 3/11
I washed my face with NOA, my old standby, just before heading to the store and buying EFW. Once I got home, I washed my face with EFW.

EFW is a gel that produces very low sudsing. It has a mild citrusy fragrance. Compared to NOA, it feels smother on the face, but isn't as concentrated. I'll have to figure out how much EFW it takes to wash my face. My skin wasn't too oily, since I had just used NOA about half an hour before. But EFW seemed like an effective cleaner.

Instead of washing off completely, EFW left behind a very light, slightly sticky residue that quickly dried. As I'm typing this half an hour later, my skin feels less dried out than it does with NOA. I think EFW is less stripping than NOA, more moisturizing, or both. Or at least, that's my first impression!

Day 2: 3/12
So far, EFW has done a good job of cleaning my face without drying it out. It's very lightly moisturizing, and it's made my skin feel smooth despite the cold, dry weather. Also, I'm not sure if this is from EFW, but it seems to have loosened the oil plugs in my nose. Yesterday afternoon, they plugs looked like they were on the surface, instead of under a very thin layer of skin. They were easily extracted. I think this is due to EFW being moisturizing enough to keep dry skin from building up. My only complaint is that it's not as concentrated as NOA. Still, the concentration is decent. I'm very happy with EFW right now, but I've still yet to see how well it works in the long term.

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