I've been CJ for probably at least 3 years but my curls have gradually disappeared. I thought my hair changed as a result ofcolor/highlights and I was a wavy at best. A few months ago my co-worker came in with beautiful curls. I complimented her and found out she had a cut by a stylist who specializes in curls. Now we're curl-buddies at work, which is so much fun.

I was sort of giving up on being curly until I got a bad cut from my stylist and she kind of thumbed her nose when I reminded her again "nosilicones please." At that point I decided to splurge with a cut from my friend's stylist, and ended up with the best cut of my life. I'm officially a curly. I think 3 A. My hair is now in a short bob and I have curls even in the very short hairs on the back of my head. I now have curls in the shorter layers on top. It's been a couple weeks and it's still wonderful. I'm thrilled with how suddenly easy it is to style my hair. And it was so much fun to talk curls with my stylist who was willing to discuss products (including non-Deva) and tips, etc. I'm still trying to find the right product mix, but I'm so happy I could cry.

I am also dealing with major hair loss but at least I now I have curls and body to help camouflage the problem until I can work out the hair loss issue.

I have tons of questions now that everything I thought was true has changed but I'm figuring out new ideas from reading through all of your posts.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone here for all the great advice and tips I've picked up over the years.