I love the twisting butter (for moisture) and gel for my daily wash and go. I also love the moisture milk conditioner as a rinse out (leaves my hair very soft). I'm trying the shampoo and deep conditioner now and my first impression is good but I want to use them some more before i make my final decision. I started with the curl moisture milk first and initially liked it but my hair would be dry the next day so I may revisit it when it gets warmer because I like the ingredients. My hair also didn't like the soy conditioner (no slip and dry hair). Overall I love the line and now understand how some curlies are curl junkie junkies because I feel like a Camille rose junkie. This is the only line that ive tried where multiple products have agreed with my hair so it's exciting. HTH.
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I've been using this butter daily under a gel and let me tell you...I love it! I'm going to check out the moisture butter also, but I definitely love this almond jai on my hair and my son's hair.
Currently using:

Poo: CON Sulfate Free poo
Rinse out: Tresemme Naturals
Leave-in: CJAOO Daily Cond
Styler: KCCC sparingly and Ampro Olive Oil Gel where needed
DT: KBB Lucious Locks Mask + EVOO/Avocado