You're appalled about this and NOT about the deficit? Obama has led and authorized more spending faster than all the other presidents in the history of this nation combined. And you're worried about campaign money? That's OVER in November and it is money people are donating....not being yanked out of our pockets and our children's pockets and our grandchildren's pockets and their kids....

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Personally, I'm appalled at the expenditure of 6,500 American lives and $2 trillion (and counting) for an ill-advised nation-building project in Afghanistan and a war of choice in Iraq. (Not to mention the innocent civilians killed in those countries.)

But those were Bush's decisions, so I guess they don't count.

As for the campaign spending, the outrage that has been generated by Citizens United is over the realization that a few extremely wealthy individuals can easily outspend the other 305 million American citizens, thus distorting the democratic process. Four individuals have already pledged to spend at least $300 million to support the Republican candidate. That's not free speech - that's the suppression of the majority.