Hey twistedgirl,
I had a problem finding them, I use Giovanni Leave in, It was sold at Zellers and WalMart but since they do not carry it. Where do you live? My local health store is carrying the Giovanni line, it might be worth going to your health store near by and asking them to carry the line you're looking for. I know a lot of people use the leave in conditioner Biotera from Sally Beauty. It's a liquid though and didn't work in my hair. Giovanni is creamy and works good for me.
This isn't much help but it's a couple suggestions. Good luck!
Mod CG 3a/3b bsl (highlights) since March 2009
cowash- suave coconut,
rinse out- tigi MM and trying some new
Leave in- Giovanni
Curl cream- AG re:coil, Boots (pink) CJCC, about to make my own FSG, can't wait to see how it works
Gels- Crystal Ecostyler, Sally's Gel, Biosilk RHG
Deep conditioner- Sally's but looking for a new one.
Finishing- JC Nourish and Shine, sometimes some jojoba oil
Dry, med por.
my hair loves honey, I do regular ACV rinses and about to try baking soda scrub.