Thank you so much!

The last few times I have not used any gel & found that my curls don't shrink as tight without gel. So, I'm now conditioner only! My hair seems to do better with only one product in it.

I co wash with the Suave Naturals coconut every other day. As my leave in I use Tresseme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner. After I finger detangle on my wet hair with lots of conditioner, I don't touch it anymore & let it air dry. Another thing I have also started to help define my curls is the "tight curly method" after detangling each section with lots of conditioner on soaking wet hair, I separate each curl. This really helped with the definition & lessen my frizzy even more. I warn you that it takes a really long time but the pay off is so worth it.

I DC on dry hair overnight once per week with honey, olive oil, & coconut oil or avacado oil mixed into my Suave Naturals conditioner.
Every morning I spray my hair with water and/or Jane Carter Solutions revitalizing leave in conditioning spray. Once it has soaked into my hair about 10 minutes I shake my hair to loosen the curls. I let it air dry again without touching. If Im in a hurry, I diffuse with warm heat on high setting.

Now, my hair does shrink up pretty tight since I've gone CG. So, to stretch it... Once my hair is about 85-90% dry from spraying the water or JC leave-in on it, I put the concentration nozzle on my dryer with high heat pull gently at the ends of my hair & for 7 seconds in each section. I aim my blow dryer at my roots while stretching my hair on high heat (literally counting to 7). I don't do this often because I don't want heat damage. Only if I'm going somewhere special. Good thing is that the Jane Carter Leave in is a heat Protectant. So, I spray extra on my hair before doing this method.

I hope this helps! I wish you great success on your healthy hair journey!

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