Holy smokes I did not see that coming!!!!!!!!! Shane finally got what was coming to him.

I think it's gonna end up where actually everyone is infected they just don't know it until they're dead and come back....that kid had to be infected from the jump!
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If that's the case....my mind is blown. What is there to live for then? Will Lori's baby be a zombie?
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For pure drama, it would be a great storyline to have Lori feel that the baby was no longer moving, for Herschel to confirm it, and then for them to realize they'd have to do a lightning-fast emergency c-section before the baby turned. Or am I warped?

Last night's ep was great! I'm so glad they've stopped all the navel-gazing of the first half of the second season. The stuff with Shane/Randall and Shane/Rick was gripping, and it was a great way to finally resolve the unendingly annoying triangle while still having some ish happen that's interesting to watch.

I really liked the little reality-chat Rick had with Carl. It was sweet, but not sugar-coated.

From the previews, I'm wondering if it's time to move from the farm!

FINALLY, T-Dog has some lines!
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