I cried the last two eps as well, don't feel bad. It was heart breaking when Rick was yelling to Shane, asking him why did you make me do this.

Is anyone else under the impression Shane wanted to die? I'm sure Lori's "pep talk" was the final straw.

I've read all the comics, which are awesome & everyone should read them at least once. I've been in love with this show since day one. This season was severely crippled, with the $250K/episode cut thanks to that Wiener guy from Mad Men pitching a fit & Darabont's exit. I think that's why most of the season was on the farm & lacking zombie goodness. In the comics, the farm was a fleeting stop, then later it was revisited.

I love that the series varies from the comics slightly. I mean without it, we wouldn't have Daryl! Love Norman Reedus, especially in Boondock Saints.

I'm so excited for the season finale. I hope it's an epic showdown. There was supposed to be another major character's death in last nights episode, so it will be interesting to see what happens. I'm fairly certain the CDC information from season one will be said, even though the foreshadowing has pretty much given it away.

I'm most excited to see The Governor next season. David Morrissey is amazing and I can't wait to see how he takes on the role. I loved Morrissey in Thorne (TV), Red Riding (TV), Nowhere Boy (Film) & State of Play (TV), all British by the way and all are fantastic! I say bring on the prison! And Michonne!

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