Ok here it goes. Sorry in advance if not very helpful.

Renpure (green)- This low poo does not lather well but I like the results...I do not feel too dry or over moisturized.
Renpure (red)- This lathers more than the green one. I still like the results but sometimes I feel like this can be TOO moisturizing for my thin, fine hair.

Suave Apple Conditioner- The only co-wash I have tried. I liked it at first because it gave me great slip and I thought since it seems pretty watered down that it wouldn't make my hair greasy but not so sure about that anymore. Some days I can co-wash and my hair seems ok, other days it seems too greasy (maybe it is from too much product - unsure).

Curl Cream:
CJ Coffee Coco Curl Creme Lite- love this. If I do not use too much this cream is actually light enough for my thin hair. When I first started my CG journey I only used this and Gelebration Spray and I loved the results.

Jessicurl Gelebration Spray (Island Fantasy scent)- love this. I think the mag sulfate might make my hair a little dry but to no extreme. This gel is light and gives me enough firmness but softness also (can get crunchy if use too much but always easy to SOTC). My only problem with this is that I am going through it so fast. Also the spray on the bottle sucks so I just spray it into my palm a few times and then scrunch it in. At first I didn't know how I felt about the scent but it has grown on me a lot.
Mop Top Herbal Detangler/Refreshing Spray- still not so sure how I feel about this. Only detangles well if used in conjuction with a LI (which is stated in the directions but kind of defeats the purpose). I HATE the smell to be completely honest; it makes me sick! I do think this defines my waves more and gives me extra moisture when I need it.
Homemade FSG- love my FSG. It gives me good definition and it was way simpler to make than I thought (mine only made from seeds and water because I didn't have anything else).
BRHG- I want to love this since so many wavies swear by this but I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I like that it gives me a good crunch to be able to scrunch out later but some days when I SOTC it leaves my hair too soft (no definition left). I may be scrunching it out too soon (?) but I am unable to leave it in for hours like others because I have to go to work.
AG Set it Straight- Only used this once when I wanted to wear my hair straight but I really liked the results. I also liked that it isn't oily like other heat protectants.

I am kind of random in my methods because I am still trying to figure out what works best for me.
Plopping- I do this almost everyday anywhere from 20-30 mins.
Super Soaker Method- used this when I first started to get clumps (only method I have gotten clumps with so far).
Pixie-diffuse- I tried this but got too impatient for it and when I have BRHG on my hair I don't get fly-aways/frizz anyway.
Spray bottle full of water= my best friend. I use it in the morning when I wash my hair the night before or when just when my hair starts to get too dry after washing in the morning.
I usually at least diffuse my roots upside down to get them some volume. I have tried clipping but have had no luck with it as of yet. I also use a Denman brush on my hair everyday that I wash it...I just can't get used to going around with crazy looking hair.

I think that is all. Sorry this is crazy long haha.

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