@kimmidawn I hate to sound dumb but I want to try the icequeen method and want to make sure I understand correctly...so when in the shower you scrunch in a large amount of conditioner in hair then rinse and leave in a small amount of conditioner? I'll try anything to promote clumping!!
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I usually use Tresemme Naturals so basically what I do is I stand upright and put a good amount through my hair, then I turn so my hair is hanging upside down and scrunch sections of my hair til it kind of feels like seaweed (I wasn't sure I would know what it would feel like, but it felt like thick squishy clumps). Then, still upside down, I cup water in my hands (so my hair doesn't go back under the running water), and use the water to scrunch my hair so it gets the excess conditioner out. My hair generally takes 2-4 minutes to "rinse out" using this method, but by the end of it (I usually stop scrunching when I can tell there's just a bit of conditioner left in if I feel it needs that extra moisture, but I don't know if that would weigh your hair down), my hair is in nice big clumps. Now I'm not sure if that's technically the Icequeen method or if I adapted what I read, but it gives me nice big clumps so that's all that matters to me .

Oh and don't feel bad about your post being long; I think when you're new to this, you would rather have more information and know exactly what to do versus only getting a little info and having to continue searching because you have more questions.
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