You guys know not to tempt me with expensive products!! I have always really wanted to try KCCC -- but I never did. $17 for an 8 oz. tub?!?! It's crazy! Even with the great return policy, I'd have to keep buying and returning if I liked it, LOL!! I dunno...the UFD looks tempting, too....

On the bright side, I tried my KMFUM with a teeny little bit of GFTN smoothed onto my sopping wet hair as a LI, and it actually worked very well!! Maybe I won't have to switch gellies around after all. Thank you for all the suggestions, though!! Sadly, I'd really like to keep it under $12 or so.
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Would you be open to expensive products if they would last 3-6 months or even then would it still be hard for you to justify it? Because KCCC has lasted me at least 3 months (that includes rotating products of course) and I have a little over 25% left.
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Well, that's always the one thing that tempts me to buy expensive products -- they seem to last a long time. I still think $17 might be hard to swallow, though. It doesn't help that I am a heavy-handed, compulsive product-applier, and I have a lot of hair. But, I guess it MIGHT be worth it... I don't know.

Asianrunner -- I knew it!! Ha ha!
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