i don't i like my new cut . it looks to poofy! i had actually wanted to get it cut short for a really long time, because when it was long(past my shoulders) it was such a hassle to take care of and style. i would often just pull it back into a pony tail just because i didn't want to be bothered with having to put tons of leave in and gel in it just so it would look decent! however, now that i did finally cut it short it has way to much volume! see for yourself.
i don't totally hate this cut, i do like that it makes my curls look curlier, i just dont like the puffiness factor, it looks so 1980's! can anyone help me with this? right now im just useing a leave in and and a small dollop of queen helene's sculp and gaze gel. should i use something else?

P.S : yeah i know, i went a little over bored on the gel today.
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