You might want to be careful with the egg and mayo mask (unless you know for sure all ready that your hair craves a lot of protein). Too much protein might make your hair feel drier (hard and straw-like). Following up the egg and mayo mask with a good DC is good of course as you probably already know.

Re your haircut -- If it helps, it really doesn't look too poofy to the rest of the world. Giving yourself a few days to get used to it may help a lot as far as how you see it. But I agree that some layering might help you like it more. Layers will definitely give your hair a different shape. You wouldn't even have to make it anything drastic to see a big difference. Just a little soft layering may be all it takes. Here's a link that someone posted somewhere else here on that has a clear graphic and description of layering:

Again, your hair really doesn't look too poofy. Not to me anyway. And you've got great curls!

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