Just tried mixed silks curly gel and I think it's a keeper. I wouldn't say it's my HG (still haven't found it yet), but I do like it. I used a little over SM smoothie. For my short hair, these products make it clump nicely. :]
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Beeduh do you mind me asking what you were previously using? So far I've tried HETT, GFPC, KCCC, LALSG, BRHG, biotera gel, FOTE, & FSG. Nothing feels HG yet :\
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To be honest, I have most of the gels you just listed except for BRHG, FOTE, and FSG. I also have Devacurl B'leave In. I used KCSS the other morning with SM curl milk to tame down bed head frizz. I had a really good hair day that day. :]

I normally don't use a whole lot of gel though, even though I have tons of it. I really need to experiemnt more.
CG as of Feb. 2012
combination hair.
2c on top - low elasticity
3a&b scattered underneath - normal elasticity.
fine texture. thin density. A lot of it.
porosity: normal to high.
loves protein and moisture.
BSACV as needed.

products may vary. i'm a PJ.
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