Hey guys whats my hair tye im not really sure when i wash it its not a ZZ shapes it looks more like a finger coiling but its not like bouncy i dont know this is it after a washed it and it does have some oil in it it has been flat twisted
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I agree that posting a pic of unstyled hair is best. Here is a closeup pic of my dry hair from when I was about 3 months post BC:

I say my hair is type 4 w/o really putting letters on it because I just think it makes more sense to say that than to attempt to subtype it. My hair is tightly coiled. It has a lot of shrinkage, more than 50%. My hair isn't silky (although there are type 4s w/silky hair), and I have some coils/curls the size of pencils and some that are smaller. I have O shaped and S shaped curls and that became more apparent to me as my hair grew out.
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I am in love with that hair!!!