Gardencurls, I wasn't sure if you were referring to me or not but I replied back anyway. I wasnt offended or anything. :]

I personally haven't dealt with a lot of racism, but I know a lot of people around here still do. Especially if they are so called "mixed". I think more people should look passed skin color. The color of someone's skin has nothing to do with what kind of person they are. Just because your skin looks a certain way means your this kind of person mentality really gets on my nerves around here. Ya know?
CG as of Feb. 2012
combination hair.
2c on top - low elasticity
3a&b scattered underneath - normal elasticity.
fine texture. thin density. A lot of it.
porosity: normal to high.
loves protein and moisture.
BSACV as needed.

products may vary. i'm a PJ.
loving Curl Junkie, Curly Kinks, and AS I Am.