Whooo goodness I can't stop laughing.. I know I shouldn't but I looked at the video and when that lady started talking about the "anti-breakage" formula.. and all it is .. is some sunflower oil.. I am about died. Whoooooooo goodness. LOL!

It's a shame how they target certain groups that are naive. But to those of us in the know...They aren't slick. They are pulling the same crap that another brand that calls theirs a "silkener" is pulling. You just put that oil in there to slow down the process of the straightening.

Look, you could just buy a regular relaxer..toss some oil and conditioner in it like all these "natural salons" do that "soften", "silken", or "texturize" the hair and get the same results.

This stuff isn't anything new.. folks have been doing this stuff for years. Oy.

People, all a "texturizer" is .. is a RELAXER. It's lye based (no-lye is still lye). The difference is with texturizers is that you just don't leave them on as long as relaxer and you dont' comb them through that way the curl in the hair doesn't relax straight..and you are left with some curl but it's looser. The oild and conditioners are put in the product to slow the processing down..that way you have some time to get it all in the hair before it starts to straighten it.

Thing is you have to be extremely careful with this stuff and you have to know what the texture of the hair is you are using it on.. for a person with curly but very fine hair that want to retain their curls..this could be DISASTEROUS.
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( true thing is it really did help my breakage)