I'm Caucasian (both of my parents were born in Italy) but people have asked me if I'm sure there's no African in me because my hair is so curly (mix of 3b, 3c and some 4a). I've also been asked if I'm Jewish because of my hair.
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I get the "are you Jewish?" thing alot as well, which irratates me to no end in all the assumptions that represents.

I get the "what is she?/are they?" comments in regards to my daughters when my husbandisnt with us. I usually respond with "a girl!" or "human!"

Im caucasian American and my husband is a fairly light skinned Mexican.... But in our very white neighborhood back in the US people thought my daughters are sooo " tan" . We now live in Mexico and everywheere we go people call the three of us girls "gueras" /white . Funnyhow things change dependingon context, isnt it?

Im so sorry that there are so many prejudiced people out there. We are all beautiful, no matter our "mix" .
All bets off on finding the perfect products for the curls - focusing on regrowing (50%) hair loss due to
A) Depo Provera (injectable birth control)
B) seborrheic dermatitis
C) stress/diet