Hi Wavy7,

As jmitchell and IamDonna pointed out, the benefit to ordering from CurlMart is one-stop shopping and hand-picked samples! Our clerks work hard to match the samples in your order to your hair type, so you shouldn't be getting something you can't use. At CurlMart, you can bundle various products and avoid paying multiple shipping charges.

We've always worked to be a good place to find up-and-coming and hard-to-find products, and we're working on bringing 5 new brands (can't yet tell everyone what they are, sorry!) into CurlMart, so keep checking back in the coming months.

As far as shipping costs go, we aren't using shipping as a revenue stream, but we also haven't found a safe, reliable, and low-cost method of moving small or single products. I know the shipping charges are high, but we don't do the volume of shipping to qualify for discounts like some larger companies you may know. Our shipping costs are calculated by weight of the products ordered, so if you're only buying one product, you're seeing what it costs us to ship that single product with UPS.

Thanks so much for your posts and feedback, have a great day!