Hello all,

We appreciate the feedback in your posts, and while we've already started carrying some of your suggestions (KBB, BeeMine, Spiral Solutions, etc.) we're looking at bringing 5 new lines into CurlMart in the coming months based on customer feedback. Also, we've started carrying Elucence Extended Moisture Repair Treatment again!

A lot of people have expressed frustration at our shipping costs, and quite frankly, we're pretty frustrated, too. Unfortunately, we're a small company that doesn't do a high volume of shipping, nor do we simply drop-ship your products. This means we can't qualify for the same discounts that other, larger companies get, and the prices you're seeing on CurlMart is what it actually costs us to ship with UPS. We used to offer USPS shipping, but with their price increases, we'd end up charging close-to-UPS prices and getting far worse customer service from USPS.

Any time someone asks, I tell them I feel the best way to use CurlMart is to save up and bundle products from various vendors into one shipment, because that variety is something you can't get too many other places. Also, don't forget, we match our samples to your hair type whenever possible, so you should be receiving two products that you can use and love!

Keep the suggestions coming!