Was suspecting same, f/ hard water, and only doing cowashing,someone on here(many) suggested edta, contained in a cheap coindish vo5 kiwi lime, boy did it get worse, getting thyroid treated by a nautorpath,still didnt help,was doing lo-poos, diluted w vinegar rinses ,still clogging drain.Switched back to Curl Junkies daily fix, and nutritionist added egg shell calcium for bone strength, I get tons in my diet,so wasnt taking extra.. Hair loss stopped in week and half. I take carefully selected other supplements, as I am sensitive to a lot of them.fish oil, every other day biotin, and magnesium,B-complex, D-3, and folate are also important..I am HHP @ wellness center.. and getting enough rest is huge.HTH
3a/2a/spirals ultraF-i/ii,med/hi porosity,med/elasticity,colortreated/grey[LIST][*][U]Cowash[/C.J. daily fix,, Condish Peter Lamas volumizing(rice protein) mixed w CJ smoothing,orGiovanni 50/50,or Eulasense balanced moisture. Leaveins,KCKT,KomazaCalifia,GDLIStylers:FSG,*, KCCC&BRHG, CJ CIAB.mixed w Pattern Pusha.FOTE on dry. SOTC :1 drop meadowfoam oil.DT:biolageCB or curl rehab over megatek,CJ repair me.