I have read that if the follicles on the scalp become blocked that can cause hair loss issues, the article where I read that suggested that rather than using shampoo, you could clean sufficiently with added friction (finger tips) rather than product. But, I don't think that would work for everyone. I think you should check with your doctor that is isn't something unrelated to CG, though sometimes it is hard to be sure of the cause. It is interesting that it didn't improve with SLS free shampoo, I would have thought they would clear the follicle if you avoid getting leave in products and conditioner on the scalp afterwards (probably means no plopping), but it may just take time with the lo-poos for the scalp to recover. I don't think trying a SLS shampoo, especially if it has other good ingredients, would be a disaster if you wanted to try that. You could even mix a bit of an SLS shampoo in with a lo-poo before applying. Hope you see some improvment, and try not to worry - it is important to check these things out but most likely you'll find a way that works for you and the phase will pass.