I have relatively long 3b hair, and about 2-3 months ago I cut out shampoo and conditioner in favor of baking soda and vinegar (I still use regular leave-in conditioner to style my hair). I initially started doing this to get rid of product buildup, but then I decided to use the two exclusively, since I've been having a lot of problems with my hair lately (it's dry, lacks shine/bounce, and twists into these rope-like segments the 2nd day after washing). However, the overall health of my hair has yet to improve; in fact, over the past couple weeks my hair has seemed dryer and more lackluster than ever, and when I comb through, it comes out in clumps. I only wash my hair twice/week max, and I thought this low-maintenance regimen would help my curls, but apparently not.

I did read that it takes a few months for your hair to get used to using the baking soda/vinegar, and it can get worse before it gets better, but I'm wondering how long that will take, or if that will ever happen at all. Should I stick with it and wait for things to turn around, or is my hair better off with a traditional care method? Is the baking soda drying my hair out even more? Thanks so much for any and all help/advice!