As usual, I'm late to the
You look stunning, girl!
I can def see the sense of happiness/accomplishment/etc in your face. You have a beautiful smile!
And, yes, I'm loving the paint in your place. Seeing as we found out we have termites in our dining room I'd like to know what paint you the stunning contrast...
I have accent walls in my house and cranberry is one of them, tho I never would have thought to make that contrast.
I have a deep blue in my dining room, but as I said, I'm worried what will happen after the termites. I have only below the chair railing painted, but that combo would go great in my DR!
Keep up the awesome work!
btw...who are the Rattlers? lol
And I had no idea you were only 21...
not that there is anything
wrong w/ that!

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