I have extremely curly hair, and I always have. I've decided I wanted to try something new. I've talked to my friends and they've suggested straightening it, so I thought that was a good start. I've tried using the hair kit that comes in a box, which only worked for and hour ow two and my hair went curly again. For my entire life, my hairstyle has been curly frizz in a ponytail, and if anyone could tell me what products to buy so I can straighten it- that would be SO helpful.
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You've come to the right place, nc.com, to learn what to do to care for your curly hair. There's *LOTS* of info here that you can read through to help. Below are the steps *I* would take to get started. Hope they help.
1) Take a detour to Live Curly Live Free - Home and read up on hair properties. A lot of people start off very concerned about figuring out if they're 2b or 3C or 4a, (and for me anyway, knowing my curl pattern helps a lot for hairstyling), but to best figure out hair CARE, you need to determine your hair properties -- density, porosity, texture, and elasticity. LiveCurlyLiveFree.com has clear discussion on this stuff to help you determine yours. (If you're interested, they also have a hair analysis service.)
2) I'd start a daily hair diary. I did that when I first started and kept info on what products I used, different ingredients, routines, dew points, whether it was a hair wash day or "second day hair", etc. and it really helped my learning curve a lot! I've been naturally curl for 8 months now and I still make notes in my hair diary to help fine tune things.
3) Start leisurely reading through the forums and articles here on nc.com. It will very well feel intimidating at first because there's SO much into here, but little by little you'll understand a whole lot more.
4) Ask questions of the forums here. There are lots of curlies here whose hair is their hobby, and they've learned a lot about curly hair care and are happy to share what they know.

Hope that helps.
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