I'll be 51 in a few months and my periods are becoming sporadic. For the past year they have been very heavy and painful

I'm right there with Myrna... can't lose weight to save my life. I have an extra 10 right around the middle. I had the 'getting older' conversation with my old running buddy the other day. She is depressed. I told her that it appears to get better but I don't know that it does.

Here is how it appears to me... someone correct me if I'm wrong: women who are around 60 are "over" whining about the loss of youth. They have put on their big girl pants and gotten on with their lives. Right around 50 is when the signs of aging really start to creep up and slap you down. Accepting aging is something that occurs over the course of several years. Some of us might take longer than others. I'm struggling with my self image more than anything else. Periods be damned. My older sister has given up. She no longer does her hair and makeup on a daily basis... only for special occasions. I don't want to just surrender all but I don't want to fight it either. Isn't there a happy medium?

Sorry for the ramble. It's all very distressing. Menopause is the actual physical marker of aging but the mental part of it is just as real. Can anyone relate?