I guess it's the revelation NC right now.

I finally realize that it's time to stop hiding and stop being afraid of who and what I really am. I admit that sometimes I'm a bit nieave and sometimes not quite tactful but that's because I doubt my own intelligence and wisdom. I know that I'm not perfect or the most intelligent but neither am I dumb or totally without good advice to give.

I easily cry and it's not a bad thing to be sensitive. It means I easily open my heart and can empathized with most people. I also have learned to listen to my inside and know what it's time to let go and when to hold onto people in my life.

I need to learn to be a little stronger inside and not take what people say personally unless it's for the good of my self-improvement. I need to stop and listen to what people are saying and usually go with the first thing I feel like saying. I type and type and then go back and erase and retype what I think is the better thing to say. I need to stop that and just think before typing. I really do have good advice to share and I'm actually very smart, caring, and not a harsh or mean person. It's ok to be caring and have tender emotions. The world needs all types of people and well, my kind is perfectly ok to be too.

Too heck with grammar and spelling. My emotions are usually shown through the first version.

What do you think you missed?? PM and I could catch ya up!